Vacuum sealers or packaging machines are gaining a place in the modern day domestic food preservation market. While it is an undeniable fact that vacuum sealing is an excellent way to extending your food's shelf life, you should always know the extent of your preservation technique. Understanding what vacuum sealing is all about will help you understand its capabilities and limits hence giving you the power to preserve your food better and for longer.

The first thing to remember is that vacuum sealing cannot replace heat processing on a variety of foods. For instance, you cannot vacuum seal milk without pasteurizing it. Heat processing meat before vacuum sealing it increases the lifespan. This is the same to foods that benefit from refrigeration and frozen storage. Vacuum sealing might slow down the process but it will not replace it.

Why is it so? You would ask. The idea behind vacuum sealing is to remove oxygen from the food's immediate environment. This makes it hard for any bacteria or microorganisms that need oxygen hard to survive. However, since it is impossible to get rid of all the oxygen in any food, vacuum treatment might not be as invincible as you thought of it to be. For more info about vacuum sealing food, you may follow the link.

While getting rid of the oxygen will slow down the growth of damage bacteria, it will not eradicate the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Some pathogens don't need oxygen to thrive and will also not give the food any apparent bad odor, look or taste. This could leave you with apparently safe food that is in real sense laced with tons of disease causing pathogens. You can also learn more about vacuum sealers by checking out the post at

With all these factors in mind, it is clear that vacuum sealing the wrong kind of food could be counterproductive. Vacuum seal manufacturers advise you to apply vacuum sealing on dry or non-perishable foods like nuts or biscuits. These products are not only low in moisture but less susceptible to bad bacteria growth. This reduces the probability of turning your stored food poisonous.

Choosing the right vacuum sealing procedure when preserving your food will ensure that you get both a perfect seal and remove any pathogens from the food long before beginning the preservation. Proper vacuum sealing is as important as choosing the right food to preserve. Go through your vacuum preserve machine as much as you can to understand its strengths and limitations before making your preservation and decisions. This will keep you healthier and safer over time. Click here for more info about vacuum sealing food.